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The Professional Learning Department provides current, relevant, customized, research-based and technology learning opportunities and resources online and face to face. CIESC PL offers a wide array of professional learning experiences that address the needs of teachers and administrators in supporting high levels of learning in their students.
Our services can take place at your school site,  onsite at CIESC, online webinars, or a hybrid experience.
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List of School-Site Services

Admin/ Leadership

Technology Leadership Certification (TLC 2.0)

Teacher Leadership Academy (TLA 2.0)

Communication Skills for Leaders (Administrators and Instructional Coaches)

New Administrator Evaluation Training

Developing Assessments for Student Learning

Providing Feedback in the Teacher’s Evaluation Process

Gathering and Interpreting Evidence of Teacher’s Practice: Inter-rater Reliability

Designing Personalized PD

Leadership Skills for Non-Instructional Supervisors

Future Ready 21st Century Skills


Preparing Our Students For ISTEP (ELA or Math)

Grading to Learn – Current Research, Practice, and Tools

Effective Formative and Summative Assessments Using DOK (ELA or Math)

Using Assessment Data to Drive Instruction

Designing Common Assessments

ISTEP Math Grades K-5, 6-8, and Grade 10

Designing an Effective Grade 10 Math Course that Supports Students Success

Curriculum/ Leadership

Developing a Webb’s DOK 3 Classroom (ELA or Math)

Quality Questioning to Enhance Student Achievement

Achieving Rigor in the Classroom

Redesigned SAT/PSAT for ELA or Math

Math Process Standards

Building a Growth Mindset Classroom

Power of Effective Feedback on Student Learning

Creating Effective Math Discourse

Instructional Design: Guided Math

Building Number Sense in the K-5 Classroom

Designing an Effective Grade 10 Math Course that Supports Students Success


Google 101

Google Classroom

Google Level 1 & 2 Certification

Curation Tools for the Classroom

Being a Connected Educator

Using Digital Resources to Support Instruction

Best Practices in Blended Learning

Digital Citizenship

Beyond the Basics with Excel and Google Sheets

School Website Accessibility

Personalized PD