IMLA is now going Virtual for June 23,24,25, 2020!

Indiana Mathematics Leadership Academy

Apply Now For 2020-2021 Sessions begin June 23-25, 2020


Grades K-12 principals and mathematics teacher leaders will take specific actions to support exemplary, research-based mathematics teaching and learning in their schools. They will provide professional learning opportunities to help teachers shift away from traditional mathematics instruction to implement more engaging learning experiences. Deadline to apply is June 09, 2020. IMLA June 23,24,25 will now be VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS.

Price: $60, plus purchase of materials.

At a Glance

12 Months

3 Virtual Days & 3 Face-to-Face Days

4 Online Assignments

40 PGPs

$60 / participant


This yearlong program is designed to build a strong cadre of empowered leaders committed to equity and excellence for all K-12 students learning mathematics in Indiana schools.
Apply Now For 2020-2021
Participant teams will:
  • Establish a clear and common vision for mathematics teaching and learning in their schools.

  • Develop knowledge and use tools for supporting effective mathematics teaching and visionary professional learning.

  • Work collaboratively to develop and implement plans for activating their common vision.

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(Deadline to Apply is June 9, 2020)

Academy Cohort Dates

Three Day Summer Institute


June 23-25, 2020 / Virtual Workshops

Three Follow-Up Seminars


October 7, 2020
February 10, 2021
April 21, 2021
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12-month commitment for a complete program of six face-to-face days and four online support modules.
Focus on effective mathematics teaching practices.
Development of instructional leadership.
Exploration of options for teachers’ mathematics professional learning.
Establishment of partnerships between principals and mathematics teacher leaders.
Development of a vision of mathematics teaching and learning and a strategic plan for activating the vision.
40 PGPs, based on full participation.

Each participant will be required to purchase materials:

  • One copy of the following books:
  • One of the following grade-band ebooks (Choose your grade band): $19 from NCTM 

Taking action: Implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in grades K-5

Taking action: Implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in grades 6-8

Taking Action: Implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in  grades 9-12

  • In addition purchase the following book:

Everything you need for mathematics coaching: Tools, plans, and a process that work for any instructional leader. $27.45

  • Recommended Materials: A TEAM could share a copy of the books by NCSM:

Instructional Leadership in Mathematics Education

Coaching in Mathematics Education

IMLA Overview

Expectation of Participants

Attendance and participation as a school team.
Completion of online assignments.
Development and implementation of a strategic plan for activating the vision.


Three-day summer institute with Three follow-up seminars.
Four differentiated online assignments for participants
Location for all dates: CIESC – 3500 DePauw Blvd., Suite 2020, Indianapolis, IN 46268. CIESC is in the iconic Pyramids on the city’s northwest side. CIESC is in the middle Pyramid on the second floor.