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FREE Virtual Workshop
Leading Virtual PL: Top 10 Q & A Session

Kara Heichelbech & Carrie Rosebrock
June 2, 2020

FREE Virtual Workshop
Reflection and Action: Leadership that Improves Outcomes for EL Learners

Perry Township Schools Team
June 10-11, 2020

Indiana Math Leadership Academy (IMLA)

Laurie Ferry & the IMLA Board
June 23-25, 2020

New Administrator Evaluation Training (RISE)

Laurie Ferry & Carrie Rosebrock
August 25-26, 2020

PLC Leadership Cadre

This cadre equips school leaders with the necessary philosophy and tools to implement PLCs with fidelity in their buildings or districts.

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Indiana Mathematics Leadership Academy

This yearlong program is designed to build a strong cadre of empowered leaders committed to equity and excellence for all K-12 students learning mathematics in Indiana schools.

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Instructional Coaching Cadre

This cadre creates a support network for instructional coaches that provides best practice coaching and feedback strategies for teachers.

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PLConnect Team

Laurie Ferry
Laurie Ferry

Professional Learning Director

Carrie Rosebrock
Carrie Rosebrock

Professional Learning Specialist

Susie Gardiner

Programs Manager

Our high school math instructional coach was so impressed by this presentation that we are working with Laurie Ferry to set up a time when she can present to our entire secondary math faculty. Math teachers are hard to impress, so this is a tribute to her expertise and style.

AnnetteNoblesville Schools

Carrie has a great and positive energy, while bringing a wealth of knowledge of the PLC process. Her delivery style was smooth while she transitioned from the role of the teachers to the role of administrators. She told people what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear.

Greensburg Community School PLC workshop participant

I enjoyed getting specific ideas of things that I can take back to my classroom to help students be more successful in language arts.

Southern Hancock School Corp.

Carrie did a wonderful job and was well prepared. Our day was filled with valuable insights, strategies, and ways to move forward.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning Participant

I learned many new things while also being validated of the work I am currently doing. Thank you! Fabulous presenter - Relatable, knowledgeable, intentional, practical, encouraging. I would love to have her for a day with our whole staff. I am always impressed with CIESC sessions and leave feeling inspired and ready to present new information to my staff. Thanks so much!

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning ParticipantInterpreting ILEARN Data to Drive Instruction

I found the training highly engaging. Laurie did a great job of varying the activities to keep interest and to keep the training relevant to what I need to know to be successful in my classroom. I really enjoyed the 3-act Math and lateral thinking puzzle activities, and I think I was more willing to participate in some of the other activities as a result. She is very positive and affirming as well.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning Participant

Great training; scaffolding of the evaluation process was helpful and there are plenty of strategies that I can take back and implement to be effective and efficient.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning Participant

This professional learning session aligns with my personal professional development goals because I now have tools and strategies to implement to help refine my students' writing and increase their scores.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning Participant

This PD gave clarity to ILEARN Writing rubrics of all genres as well as rubrics for constructed responses. I also learned beneficial strategies to implement in the classroom, and share with colleagues, to increase student success in all areas of writing. This will help my school reach their goal of 80% proficiency in ELA and Math, as writing is assessed in both.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning ParticipantILEARN Writing

The ILEARN ELA Writing Grades 6-8 training supports my school's goal of focusing on nonfiction text across disciplines. Social studies and science can support standards related to comparing nonfiction texts. This also supports my school's goal of having students write clearly and concisely in language, science and social studies.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning ParticipantILEARN ELA Writing Grades 6-8

This PD could not have been better at aligning with my personal and school´s goals. I appreciated the time the PD leader took to discuss PLC´s with me while discussing formative assessment at the end of the session to help me with next steps I can take in my own building to get to the next level needed to reach those goals.

CIESC | PLConnect Professional Learning Participant